Registration and call for papers now open

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Hygge and Heritage seminar  is waiting for you in November. Welcome to share your experiences and enjoy local hygge and heritage in Central Finland. The registration and call for papers are now open.

At the end of November, as the days get darker and colder in Central Finland and the people retreat into the comfort and warmth of their homes, we invite you to come to Petäjävesi and Korpilahti to indulge in two of our favourite things: Hygge & Heritage!

The Hygge & Heritage – World Heritage and Local Services Seminar brings together all those that are interested in developing lesser-known World Heritage Sites and their impact on local communities, organizations and businesses.

Join us at the World Heritage Sites of Petäjävesi Old Church and Struve Geodetic Arc – Puolakka to be inspired, network and develop fresh ideas how to sustainably develop World Heritage Sites and the areas surrounding them with a specific focus on local services.

This Seminar is the closing event of the World Heritage sites’ boost to local services project, with project partners: Humak University of Applied Sciences, Local Action Groups (LAG) Jyväsriihi and Vesuri.

We welcome case-studies for the following themes:
  • Visitor Analysis
  • Destination Management
  • Pedagogic Innovations and Approaches to UNESCO World Heritage
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Interpretation tools 
  • Co-operation and Development Around Serial and Transnational World Heritage Sites